The Brookside Care Foundation

The Brookside Care Foundation is an organization committed to developing caregivers and supporting those in need of care.


Whether we are working to develop caregivers or support those in need of care, the process is consistent. We inform stakeholders, educators, and community groups about the opportunity for caring people to become caregivers We encourage prospective students in health science majors to enter nursing training programs and become a part of the Brookside Care Foundation scholarship cohort. We improve the quality of support given to nursing students while they are in programs to maximize their chances of successful completion.

Those in Need of Care

We inform stakeholders, families, hospitals, and care agencies about the opportunity for financial assistance for those seeking assisted living services. We inspire families to trust that we will give only the highest quality care to their loved ones. We improve the quality of care and the quality of life for the residents who join the Brookside ecosystem.

10-2030 Initiative

The Brookside Care Foundation is committed to ensuring that Kalamazoo’s care industry is as diverse as its vibrant community. This is the vision for our 10-2030 initiative: that by 2030, African American registered nurses will account for 10% of Kalamazoo County’s registered nurses. This will diversify the community of caregivers, as well as give a historically underserved group the opportunity to access career growth opportunities. A more diverse caregiving population equals better healthcare for our community. We look forward to partnering with stakeholders to achieve this goal.

Meet Our Board

Grace Ongwela, PhD

Board Chair

Dr. Grace Ongwela earned her doctorate degree from Michigan State University, majoring in Education and Family Studies. She also has a Master’s degree in Educational Administration from Andrews University. Dr. Grace enjoys working with people. She has vast knowledge as a mom, grandmother, and educator instilling the importance of treating people well. Her interactions with her grandparents and great grandparents as a child, ingrained in her the importance of the elderly. She has been in assisted living for more than 25 years, and cares deeply about providing the best care possible. Her greatest desire is to create an environment where those under her care can thrive.

Adam Frazier

Executive Director

Adam Frazier received his Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting from Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD and is currently pursuing the Nursing Home Administration certification from Michigan State University. Adam is passionate about our quality-first approach to assisted living leveraging his experience from finance and investment banking, where he was selected to be a Bernard Osher Scholar, The Department of Defense, and manufacturing sectors. He is excited about sharing principles of empowerment with our team working to build a sustainable assisted living ecosystem. As the Administrator, Adam believes that each stage of life should be celebrated, especially for our seniors.

Janice Frazier, DPT

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Janice Frazier has had the pleasure of using the healing gift of touch as a physical therapist for 20 years. She graduated with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy in 2002 from Andrews University and Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2005 from Rocky Mountain University in Provo, UT. Ten of her years in practice have been exclusively in skilled nursing, home health, and outpatient assisted living settings helping seniors obtain and maintain optimal function and health. She is passionate about manual therapy to help the body heal and is currently working towards a certification in Maitland manual therapy techniques. Janice is excited to offer valuable solutions that will enable seniors to live their best lives.