Personalized Assisted
Living in Kalamazoo

Whether for you or a loved one, finding the right place for assisted living in Kalamazoo is incredibly important. Offering concierge packages for those who want to live more independently, our residents’ care is personalized for your needs. We want our residents to be happy and healthy and do everything we can to provide support. From our food that meets dietary restrictions, entertainment, or life enrichment activities, your well-being is our priority. 

Our Vision

We believe that people matter and empowering them to achieve their true potential is our purpose.


Opening in the fall of 2022; we 

have begun pre-selling units. 

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Brookside Care Living Space 1

Meet Our Team

Adam Frazier


Grace Ongwela, PhD


Sayber Cloud

Executive Chef

Corlis Watkins-Nass

Executive Personal Assistant

Matt Gross

Nursing Liaison

Janice Frazier, DPT

Director of Wellness Services